SATB2 Awareness Day: Will you be their voice?

We are on a critical mission to discover treatment(s) for individuals affected by SATB2-associated syndrome. Our community works to understand the impacts of SAS on all systems such as neurological, craniofacial, musculoskeletal, dental, speech and communication. We are working to accelerate essential research to deepen our understanding and power our networks to find treatments so that our children with SAS can reach their full potential.

Currently, there are no approved treatments or cures for SAS, and the only relief for patients and their families is symptomatic. A major priority of the Foundation is to broaden our scientific and research networks to increase the collective knowledge about SAS. In order to enhance the quality of life for those living with SAS, we will create a path forward that combines the needs of the patients along with the crucial scientific research required to ensure important therapeutic treatments are developed.

Our recent successful campaign has established important work to fund and develop eight Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs), which provide cellular models of the disease to advance knowledge and discovery rapidly. This major milestone would not have been possible without each of YOU in our community.

Will you help advance research?  We are the voice of those living with SAS and we need you to join our movement.  A donation from you, of any size, greatly impacts our ability to advance our mission and fund vital research?

Will you join us and be their voice too? Will you help provide a brighter future for our families?

100% of donations in the month of August support and advance SATB2-associated syndrome RESEARCH.