The biannual SATB2-associated syndrome family conference is an opportunity to bring our families together for two full days of workshops and networking.  We bring together researchers, parents, and children together in one place to advance our knowledge of SAS and support our families and medical communities.  This is an amazing opportunity to connect with our families and know that you are not alone.

Due to continued risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference has been cancelled for 2021. We will keep you updated with future opportunities.

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Are you interested in serving as a volunteer for the SATB2 family conference planning? Great, we need all the hands on deck as we can in order to ensure a successful conference for our families. See below for our committees and let us know what interest you!

Interested? Email us at to let us know which committee you are interested in assisting with to get started.

The goal of the sponsorship committee is to help secure corporations and individuals who would like to make a financial contribution to help offset the costs of the Foundation for putting on the conference. The development of the sponsorship packages still need to be developed and a general letter that can be used.  Anyone who has fundraising or corporate fundraising experience would be a great fit.  Corporations would receive recognition for their support pre and post conference as well as during the conference to our attendees.

Who doesn’t love a goodie bag!  The goal of this committee is to help secure donated items for our attendees for a welcome bag.  The goal would be to have a bag for every single attendee (forecasting 200 to 250 attendees), but at minimum, one bag per family attending (let’s call that 125).  Items donated in the past have been coloring books and crayons, sticker books, stress balls, sample wipes, coupons, etc.  Anyone local to Atlanta – it would be great to get some coupons from area businesses for our guests.

The goal of this committee is to first help develop the agenda for the 2 days of sessions.  What topics do our families want to learn about most to be able to give everyone the most valuable information they need to help their SATB2 children?  Topics range from IEPs, Estate Planning, AAC information, to our research and scientific information.  Development of the agenda should help to cover topics that relate to families of children who are young to also adult age children, international families and more.  Once we begin to identify topics, we will look for speakers who are qualified to speak on these topics (goal is to find speakers who are already in the area of Atlanta, GA but all options are available to see what we can do to help offset any costs for the right person to attend).

The last two conferences, we have had small raffles to help raise additional funds to support the Foundation.  Securing of raffle items such as VISA gift cards, medical strollers, weighted blankets, weighted vests, vacations and more are just a few to name.  Some companies may not want to donate 200 items, but are willing to donate one or two larger items that we can use for the raffle.  We’ll need to refresh the letter which we use for the ask, and have at least one detailed orientated to help keep track of who all we are asking.  This committee could work in tandem or as a part of the swag bag committee.

Want to help us plan a special fun family outing for the Saturday of the conference? This would be great for someone who is willing to call a few venues in the area of our conference about getting donated tickets.  We have a list started, just need a person who is willing to call and ask for donations and/or help negotiate a discounted ticket price.