2022 Theme:  Our smiles make the world go round

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Each August 22 marks an amazing opportunity for the SATB2-associated syndrome (SAS) community and the SATB2 Gene Foundation. This particular day is one where we can all come together to celebrate and spread the word about SAS and raise awareness within our communities.  It’s a way to take action so that the children and families affected by this rare condition can get the best care, have the greatest support, and experience the childhood they deserve.

Why August 22nd?

August 22 was chosen to help honor our primary genetic researcher who has not only brought all of us together, but has also brought much needed research to this rare condition. On August 22 we not only celebrate awareness to SATB2, but also help celebrate and honor Dr. Yuri Zarate on his birthday!


We need to hear from YOU! Help us tell the story about our amazing SAS family.

  1. Share your story! See below for a sample “Meet my child” or share more with us! Click here to submit your story and photos today!

  2. Let us know the most common questions you get about SAS – we’ll help create social media posts to help answer the most common questions.  Email us directly at
  3. What do you want more people to know about SATB2-associated syndrome?  What would you tell a new family to the diagnosis?  Email us directly at to let us know!

Learn more about how to get involved and activate your network below.


It is EASY to make a difference and get involved:

  • Show your support on social media:  Change your Facebook profile frame to let your friends know that you’re helping to raise awareness of SATB2-associated syndrome (SAS) and the 650+ children affected by this condition.

Update your profile picture with our SATB2 Gene Foundation logo on Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

  • Show Your SAS:  Wear Purple or your favorite SATB2 t-shirt!  Let’s flood social media with a SASsy sea of purple!  Ask your friends and family to wear purple, and be sure to tag us on your favorite social media channel(s).
  • Spread the word:  Use one of our sample posts to raise awareness, increase support, and encourage others to take action online using the hashtags #mySATB2kid, #showyourSAS. #SATB2, #SATB2Awareness.  Also print our sign and take a photo and post back out to social media.
  • Color Your SAS:  Download our coloring pages and #ColorYourSAS.  Upload your masterpieces so we can all see!

The more people who learn about SATB2 the better!

  • Take some action:  Help raise critical funds to support the SATB2 Gene Foundation to help fulfill the mission of raising awareness, supporting families and funding research for SATB2-associated syndrome. Create a Facebook fundraiser and invite your friends, host a hot dog sale at your local grocery store, share a video with your child’s school, organize a community walk, contact your local media, and so much more. In 2020 we were able to raise over $20,000 from awareness day, let’s double that this year so we can further our mission!
  • Make a donation of any size today. Gifts of all sizes help advance our programs and research, as our non-profit is 100% volunteer-run.  Ask 3 friends to make a donation in your child’s honor and you will each receive a personal note and gift.
  • Click here to download and print the SATB2 Awareness Day sign and take a photo and post back to social media and don’t forget to use our hashtags! #ShowYourSAS #MySATB2Kid #SATB2 #SATB2Awareness

Need help or have ideas? Shoot us an email, and we’ll be happy to help!