August 22 marks an amazing opportunity for the SATB2-Associated Syndrome (SAS) community to celebrate and spread the word about SAS, as well as advocate for continued research and support to improve the lives of those impacted.

Why August 22nd?

August 22 was chosen because it is the birthday of our primary genetic researcher, Dr. Yuri Zarate. Not only has Dr. Zarate brought our community together, but he has also brought much needed research and attention to this rare condition. On August 22, we honor him and all of the progress made for our families.

How You Can Get Involved

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!



  • Create a fundraising page on Facebook.
  • Host a lemonade or hotdog stand outside of your house or at the playground to raise both awareness and funds for the SATB2 Gene Foundation.
  • Host a garage sale or Facebook Marketplace sale, with all proceeds going to the SATB2 Gene Foundation.
  • Ask your favorite coffee shop or local store to put a donation jar on their counter in honor of SAS for the month of August; you can even paste a picture of your child, or our website donate page QR code or Venmo donate QR code, onto the jar as well!
  • For additional fundraising ideas and how to get started check out our new Event Guide.  Ready to get started?  Let us know so we can help promote your event by submitting this short form!


  • To celebrate our 5th anniversary, donate any amount to the SATB2 Gene Foundation that has the number #5 in it and encourage others to do the same!  Gifts in any amount throughout the month of August are directed towards our SATB2 Research efforts to advance our knowledge of SATB2-Associated Syndrome and move us towards treatments.
  • Ask 5 friends to donate in honor of your SAS loved one!  All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Have other suggestions for how families can get involved? Or need assistance with implementing an idea? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us at