Interview Study: Behaviours that Challenge in SATB2-associated syndrome

Researchers at Aston University are conducting an interview study that aims to find out more about behaviours that challenge in SATB2-associated syndrome.

We would like to invite parents or carers of a child or adult with SATB2-associated syndrome to complete an interview about behaviours shown by their child or the person they care for. We would also like to ask parents or carers to complete a couple of questionnaires about their child or person they care for.

It is hoped that this research will help us better understand the factors that are associated with behaviours that challenge in SATB2-associated syndrome.

Interested in taking part or finding out more?

You can do so in the following ways:

  1. Click here to read the full recruitment letter.
  2. Complete an online expression of interest form using the link below, and a member of the research team will contact you to provide more information. Click here for the online expression of interest form.
  3. Contact the research team to register your interest or request a paper copy of the questionnaire: Lauren Shelley or Dr Jane Waite