The Family Support Representative is a parent, caregiver, grandparent, or other SAS family member representative for the state or region in which they live. They act as a liaison between our families and the SATB2 Gene Foundation. They are also the point of contact for families in their state or region for general questions, guidance and support through and about the diagnosis of SATB2-Associated Syndrome (SAS) and the resources needed to navigate the needs of an individual with SAS. If you would like to get connected to the Family Support Representative in your state, please click on the interactive map below to read more about them and to contact them directly. If you do not have a representative for your state, you may contact Jenna at and she will assist you or get you connected with someone who can.

If you do not have a representative in your state and you think you may be interested in filling that role, please contact Jenna at