Single Parent / Caregiver Support Group

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Join the Single Parent/Caregiver Support Group, a nurturing haven where shared experiences foster understanding and empowerment. In this welcoming space, we embrace the highs and lows of single parenting and caregiving journeys. Here, you’ll find solace in connecting with others who understand your unique challenges, celebrate your triumphs, and offer compassionate support. Whether you’re seeking a listening ear or eager to share your insights, this group is here for you. Let’s navigate this path together, with empathy, resilience, and solidarity. Join us and be part of a circle where your voice matters.  Remember, while we offer support and camaraderie, this group is not a platform for legal advice or related matters from the SATB2 Gene Foundation.
Meets twice a month via Google Meet 
1st Sunday from 4-5pm EST (Google Meet Link)
3rd Thursday from 10-11am EST (Google Meet Link)

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